These General Contract Conditions apply to contracts for goods sold by the entity NEEDEN EUROPA, S.L., operating under the brand name “Montparel®” (“NEEDEN EUROPA”), through the website that it owns at the URL addresses and (the “Web”), to an Internet user (the “Customer/s”).

The identification and contact details of NEEDEN EUROPA are as follows: 

Registered office: Via Laietana 47, 2th floor 08003 Barcelona

Tax Id no: B-67329508


Telephone: +44 12 8238 0027 (hours from 10.00 to 13.00 and 14.00 to 19.00, Monday to Friday, except local festival days)  

When making a purchase order through the Web, the Customer declares being 18 years of age and having legal capacity to contract for good offered on the Web. To that end, NEEDEN EUROPA reserves the option of asking the Customer, at any time, for documentation evidencing his or her age. Should NEEDEN EUROPA establish that the Customer is not of the required age or should the user not attend to the request from NEEDEN EUROPA, or not do so correctly, NEEDEN EUROPA will not permit the contract for the goods in question. 

Contracting for goods offered through the Web means acceptance of the terms and conditions of the General Contract Conditions, for which reason, before proceeding to their acceptance, you should read them carefully. If the General Contract Conditions are not accepted, the contract for the goods will not be effective and no resulting obligation and/or liability of any kind will be accepted by NEEDEN EUROPA. 

NEEDEN EUROPA also reserves the right to alter the content and/or scope of the General Contract Conditions at any time.


In order to contract for goods offered through the Web, the Customer must follow each of the steps in the procedure set out in the Web. To acquire goods, it will not be necessary to be registered in the Web through the section “Register now”, as the goods can be contracted directly through the “Express Payment” system or through Facebook and/or Google Connect, with their own credentials. 

The Customer must bear in mind that access to and, where applicable, registration on Facebook and Google is governed by the terms and conditions set out by Facebook and Google, respectively, so that NEEDEN EUROPA will not be responsible for any possible default on those terms and conditions by Customers.  

In later purchase processes, in the event that the Customer has registered, it will only be necessary to supply the user name or e-mail address and password in the “Log in” section.

Price and form of payment 

The prices of the goods will be in Euro, as listed in the Web, and will include VAT and any other tax and/or duty that may be applicable, as well as any delivery charge, all duly identified. 

Additionally, NEEDEN EUROPA can offer discounts in the context of certain promotions, although these discounts cannot be combined with other promotions. 

NEEDEN EUROPA reserves the right, at any time, to make any alterations considered appropriate to the prices of the goods. In any case, the price applicable to the order contracted by the Customer will be that in force at the time of accepting the General Contract Conditions with respect to the goods selected. 

NEEDEN EUROPA applies its best efforts to offer you exact and complete information on the goods, as up to date as possible.

The Customer can make payment using one of the following ‘Forms of payment’:

Credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express)

Bank transfer

Payment platforms: Sofort, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay

Following payment, the Customer will receive an email confirming the contract and a copy of these General Contract Conditions.

Delivery of goods 

The order for the goods will become binding when the Customer confirms it in the contract procedure. 

When NEEDEN EUROPA has checked that the contract is all correct, it will then deliver the goods to the address indicated by the Customer in the contract procedure, within the time set in the Web section on ‘Despatch information’, which in no case will be later than thirty (30) days following Customer acceptance of the order. No deliveries of goods will take place on Saturdays, Sundays and/or festival days in the messenger service company, the delivery being made on the first working day thereafter. 

The Customer can at any time check on the state of his order through the section ‘My orders’.

Delivery of the goods will be considered completed when they have been made available to the Customer. 

All purchase orders for goods are subject to availability. In the event of the goods not being available, NEEDEN EUROPA will inform the Customer and can offer a product of similar characteristics and of the same or better quality, although the Customer has the alternative of cancelling the order and recovering the amount paid within a maximum of thirty (30) days.

If the Customer is absent when the goods are to be delivered, the messenger service engaged for the delivery will leave a note indicating how to arrange a new delivery time. 


NEEDEN EUROPA will not be responsible for errors which may occur in the delivery of goods in the event that the Customer has not correctly completed the form provided in the Web. If any incident should occur which affects delivery of the goods, NEEDEN EUROPA will inform the Customer as soon as it becomes aware of the problem.