Result RC353 - bandit choker

    Reference: RC35315XL
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    The RC neck warmer from Result is a winter accessory that keeps you warm without forcing you to wear layers of clothing. It's less obtrusive than a scarf, yet it's just as good at keeping you warm in the winter. The dimensions of this model are 56 x 24 cm and 62 x 28 cm. It has a 9 gauge knit exterior and is composed of acrylic. Its fabric is both a superb insulator and a windbreaker. It properly preserves your body temperature in order to keep your neck warm. The advantage of this neck warmer is that it is quick and simple to put on. It has a stretch hook-and-loop closure at the front that closes and opens. Ideal for folks who are always on the go. Truly useful to keep your hairstyle intact. This model is available in two colors: black and navy blue, and it comes in an XL size.

    Reference: RC353
    Manufacture: 100% Acrylic
    Colors: Black, Navy Blue
    Sizes: XL


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